How to collect inspiration for your interior design

When you don’t have the time or money to redecorate your home it seems like inspiration and ideas for your dream home are everywhere. However, when the time and finances are right and you are able to start redecorating, it is impossible to think of anything other than beige and often your big opportunity can… Continue Reading

How to design the perfect bedroom

Bedrooms can often get overlooked from a design perspective, with homeowners settling on bland and practical rather than stylish and luxurious. However, your bedroom should be your sanctuary and deserves some time, thought and attention. Start with your bed A good nights sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. It can have amazing health benefits, improve your… Continue Reading

Making space for a baby

If you are expecting your first baby, then you are in for some big and wonderful changes. Many aspects of your life are going to change, your home being one of them. With babies comes stuff and all this new stuff is going to have to go somewhere. But also with babies comes more responsibility… Continue Reading

De-clutter your interiors in 2017

As Christmas is now a distant memory and the January blues are clearing, now is the time to look to giving your home a revamp and the best way to start is with a good spring clean and de-clutter. Keeping your home free from clutter not only helps with day-to-day cleaning, it can also help… Continue Reading

How to create a hallway that welcomes you home

A hallway is often an overlooked dumping ground for shoes and school bags, but it should be a bright, welcoming space. It is the first part of the home that guests see and it is also the first part that welcomes you home at the end of a busy day. There is not much space… Continue Reading

How to create the perfect small living room

Many homes have small living areas and traditional living room interior design ideas don’t work, making the space feel cramped rather than cosy. A small living room doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, provided you make the most of the space. The good news is that living rooms require very little by – somewhere to… Continue Reading

How to make the most of a loft space

Converting your loft into a usable room can add several thousand to your house price. However, the slanted ceilings found in the majority of lofts make it a difficult space to work with and know how to utilise properly. When designing a loft, it is important to embrace the space you have, rather than fight… Continue Reading

How to design a kids’ bedroom for siblings

Many children share a room with their siblings and some are happier about it than others. How you design the space will greatly affect how your children get on and how much they enjoy being in their bedroom. There are several things to take into consideration when you are planning a kids’ bedroom that they… Continue Reading

How to bring style to your utility room

As the days get shorter and the rain gets heavier, people who embrace the great outdoors find their utility rooms getting muddier and messier. A utility room is a blessing in any home, as it is a place to store the unsightly piles of laundry, muddy wellies and the wet dog towel, leaving the rest… Continue Reading

Unusual Storage Solutions

No matter how beautiful your home is, if you don’t have enough storage it will soon become cluttered and messy. Not all houses contain ample built in storage, which means you have to get inventive to remain clutter-free. Children’s storage You can thin your children’s toys as often as possible, but they always seem to… Continue Reading